How would you have changed in your topic to make it better for your project?

What would Ihave done different in my project? We

ll I would of picked something more simpile. But since, I changed my job at the last minute I had to act fast. So I just talked about people who played sports. What would Ihave done different in my project? Well I would've changed my job earlier.

What Role Did You Have? Did You EnJoy Your Role? What would have done differently? What role do you want next Project?

The role I had was; Photographer. I really enjoyed doing my Job because, I like taking pictures and talk about them. Because it gives people a different perspective of things. My first job was anchor on the field, I changed because I felt that being in front of the camera wasn't my thing. What would I have done differently? Well I would've changed my role earlier so I had more time to plan. What role do I want next project? Well I liked my job so, I wouldn't want to change my job. For my next project I want to still be a PHOTOGRAPHER!!!


Score of 2
Tasks for:
  1. Watch the Learn it in 5 for the learning target you need to accomplish
  2. Finish sources - watch the authentic and triangulation videos for help.
  3. Picture-post the sources worksheet to you wiki
  4. Begin the SUCCES(s) if you have time - watch the Succes(s) video for help.


Finished my resources, my succces model, and my to do list
Start planning and start writing
when is our next cast.


3 So today I fixed me sources, I did a survey, and I got my results in
2Fix my succes thing and start planning
1When do we begin??????..

11/7/11 3 2 1

3 Fixed my narrowing the topic thing, Uploaded thr new one and got some sources
2Get more sources triangulat me sources
1Whats next?

3. Turned in triangle, Took pictureof the triangle uploaded it

2 Get sources, And finish my topic

1. CAN WE CHANGE TOPIC?!?!?!?!?! -- YES

3 2 1

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3. Did my narrowing the topic finished my triangle and uploaded

2.Mr.Fraser decides im done

1.what do we do next



Mr Fraser I changed my role if you remember and so all these hw O have are the old ones