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Parkour is the sport of moving along a route,
Typically in a city, trying to get to
Around various objects in the quickest and most effecient way possible Six Word Memoir- My Mind for Adjusting is Absurd


ACCELERATION: Math and Reading

Math Goal

6/19/12 I discovered that patterens are everywhere in math,
you just have to be able to find then, and also understand them.
Today I noticed in math, that there are endless loops. You just have to land on the right number,
and if your were lucky enough, and found one of these loops you were suppose to be given a 50 dollar bill.
But what I found out after doing the loops, was that 50 is a hard number to breakdown with either of the patterns we were given.
It would continue for a very long time, and didn't seem worth it anymore.
Today In math, we did Pascals triangles. I found out that their full of patterns.
Their repeating patterns, patterns that go up by one, two's, threes, and so on and so forth.
Also for one of the triangles their a huge pattern, half of the triangle repeated the other.

In math we had to deal with a clumsy person, who just loved to drop his gems that weighed various weights.
So he came up with the idea to weigh the piece that came from when he drop hes fairly large gem.
Our job was the find the pieces' weights, to see if they can first add up to the weight of the gem, and then find if the can go from 1-10
1-15 and 1-20.
Today in math, we learned that Leonardo Da Vinci is a polymath, meaning he excels at many parts in life.
We took some of his rules, and measured ourselves to see if we were golden children. Sadly only 2 of us were close.
Also we had to find golden ratios, mine were my ear and face. For the golden ratio it was your ear is 1/3 of your face, and mine was.
My face is 9 inches tall, and my ear is 3 inches. Then we had to graph ourselves depending on our wing spand and Height. There was a line of perfect
ratios, but most of us were off, the golden ratios. I think most of us aren't golden ratios, because we've all changed sometime in past, meaning out gens are different then
they were before, so that causes the change from golden ratios.

In math, we worked with chances, on how to find them. We rolled dice, and flipped quarters. Next we made combinations with those outcomes
then played bingo with them. Also all I can say is lucky number 7.
Today in math we played Deal or no Deal. We were trying to see which Pod will get the highest, money amount.
My pod was horrible in our first game, we only got 5 dollars. But then in our second we got more then 20,000 dollars.
In math, we had to guess the ages of certain,celebrities. The only thing that, helped you guess, was what their job was. Why were the famous, and if you knew anything about them.
Also sometimes you could use other people who are around them to help you guess. One thing that, worked against you,was the makeup, it throw you off on your guess.

For math we concluded our age guessing game.It was really easy if you know a thing or two about the person,your guessing was, easier, and a little bit more accurate.
Then if you didn't know much about that person, you would guessed based on their apperence. But then that was made hard because of the make-up.
For math we had to figure out the volume and surface area for a cube.Also there's a small trick to find out, the volume. Find the number of cubes, with zero colors showing, one color showing, and so on and so forth from there.
Then add them all up, that should be the volume.
Today in math, we had to use logic and math to solve eight puzzles. The hardest one for me (that I attempted to solve)
was one with triangles. We had to find the number of triangles, within this triangular shape. The easiest way to do it was,
to look at different parts on the triangle, not at the whole thing.

Reading Goal

6/19/12- In most of the stories I do write, and enjoy to read. There's always a problem, that main or side characters ,
must live with and sometimes towards the end overcome. I guess you could say that I love to inquire and explore in my reading and writing.

6/20/12 I finshed narrowing down my topic, to teaching , others, The Basics of Parkour. I really enjoy the topic and think it will be easy to teach,
as while it will be easy to learn; you just need to train. Also In reading for pleasure, my number one book was, The Hunger Games. I rated it a 4 out 5 for interseting it was, and 1/5 for the difficulty. For my second book I found the Maze Runner, another good fit, it wasn't difficult at all and was very descriptive. Furthermore my last book was The Outsiders, like the others it was fairly interesting, and it give you something new to think about.
Today, In reading, we had to figure out how to translate our Basketball articles.
They weren't that difficult, the only problem I had was figuring out the parahagraphs.
Other then that it was pretty easy.

For reading, we had to read articles about our exploration projects,
so we could better understand them. It did help somewhat,but most of the arcticles I read were misleading,
or didn't give enough information.

For reading we found articles about our topic. This time the articles were very informative,
and did help with my project this time. Given me new ideas on how to teach people the basics.

6/27/12 In reading we recoded the information we found in our articles, seeing if it answered any of our questions.
If it didn't we had to find new articles to use.
In reading we, had to make an outline, for our explorations projects. For my projects I was already done with my outline, and into creating.
For reading today we had to make a Do To List, on what we had to do for exploration. The main thing we have to do is edit, what we filmed.
And also keep up with reflections.
In reading, Aaron and I, planed what we were going to for our second time filming. Then, we tried to finish our editing for our Imoive, from the first time we filmed. Afterward we, added a video from the office, to help better explain parkour.

Lexile: 810
Book: The Hunger Games

New Words
Thursday, June 21st
Today I read pages 1-20. The book so far is about life in District 12, and the different laws.
The main problem so far is the Hungry Games. Its when 24 contestents, must part- take in
fight to the death. The winner wins supplies for himself or herself and their District.
1. I predict that Katniss the main character will be in the Hungry Games.

2. I wonder how, the Hungry Games are played out

Monday, June 25th
Today I read pages 20-38 In those pages, Katniss the main character, had to volunteer has triubte for her younger sister prim. Now Katniss must take part in the Hungry Games.
1. Will Katniss survivor the Hungry Games
2. Who else must take part in the Hungry Games

Tuesday, June 26th
Today in the pages I read, Katniss is on her way to the Hungry Games. Along the way she finds herself getting close to another contestants. But knowing the nature of the Games to come so must distance herself.
1. I wonder what type of terrain the Hungry Games will be played on

Wednesday, June 27th
Today in my book, Katniss, arives at the Capitol of Panem, where the Hungry Games shall be held. The people in the Capitol act just, and look just like us. The only main difference is that are less aware of the other districts, also they are very obnoxious. Other then that they are pretty normal.

Thursday, June 28th
Today, in my book the Hungry Games, Katniss and her, fellow District 12 member Peta. Make a grand entrance, during the opening ceremony, for the Hungry Games. She and Peta, were lit ablaze with, beautiful dresses. They left the whole of Capitol In awe, and amazement. It was stunning.

Monday, July 9th
Today, in the my book the Hungry Games, Katniss, and Peta, learn what chance they have at survival. Katniss, the archery has shown she has skill with a bow and arrow. And Peta has a chance at Hand- to hand combat. In my opinion I think Katniss has the better chance of winning the Hungry Games

Tuesday, July 10th
Today, in the Hungry Games, training has begone for the tributes. Katniss, and Peta meet the other tributes form the other Districts. The all train together under the same roof, yet only Katniss and Peta are seen actually training together. They do this for three straight days, and then move on to private sessions. SInce Katniss is the last one to go, she is ignored. This rises angry within her, causing her to shoot an arrow, towards the " Gamekeepers."

Wednesday, July 11th
Today, in the Hungry Games, Katniss, Impresses everyone even her self. After her actions towards the Gamekeepers, she thinks she has no chance at the Games anymore, but what she finds out that, she actually impressed them. They even gave her an 11 for a score, which is more then any other tribute. Now its time for her interview. Disappointed, by her prep team, Katnis finds hope in her, Stylest China.
How will Katniss's performance go?

Thursday, July 12th
Today, In the Hungry Games, Katniss, cannot seem to stop impressing the Capitol. But its not all by her doing. She's aided, by her prep team, China, the Gamekeepers, and her fellow tribute, Peta. And of course her own skill all helped her to shine. Yet sadly all of that might not matter if she does not survive the Games.

Monday, July 16th
LET THE HUNGRY GAMES BEGEN, is the words that sent chills to every single tribute, and their families. Who will survive, who shall die a painful death? Katniss, survives by the skin on her teeth, but missed a golden oppturnity to seize a bow, with silver arrows. Sadly that may be her only chance to find her best weapon

Tuesday, July 17th

Wednesday, July 18th


I'm really pumped for this project!!!!! Can you post some of your favorite Parkour videos to my page? -Mr. Kane


The Basics of Parkour

Format Question : How can I use my skill and knowledge of Parkour, to get people to understand the basics?

We could explain the histroy of Parkour, and who invented
10 (I don't like this choice)
Has very good visual aid.
6 ( It would be hard to show how the basics work together
We use as a training video and explain much more then just talking, or performing, we could do both.
1( Best choice)
(Radio broadcast)
We could show different videos, on how to do different skills.
9 ( We wouldnt be as Involved, mostly just the movies and
less of our teaching)
Live presentation/
It would be very easy to show, others the basics.
2 ( Very good choice unless we make a mistake)
I could explain how Parkour came to be and, why I like doing
7 ( Since its a Sport you need to be shown how to do it)
Use to show various types of moves with pictures.
8 ( The visual aid is there, but still very hard to explain)
We could write how to train, and where Parkour is useful
We build a small figure and use it to show how to do the basics
10 ( Wouldn't be a effective way of teaching)
What will make your project a success?

To - Do list:


Quick Intro

Talk about training, 10- pushups,10 squats, 10 pull-ups, and 15 sit-ups

In the first week you want to be doing a 2 sets of each one. Then after first week, going into weeks 2-3 you want do three sets. If you can’t do a set of one of these, do small scale,like at least 3 of each, you want to be at least increasing 10% each week.

First move- Lazy vault

Grab the bar, or table with the hand thats closets to it. Next either swing both legs over, while with your other hand pushing off. Or swing one leg over and as the second leg come over, push off with your opposite hand.

Second move- Proper Landings,landing on the ground without bending knees over, or under 90 degrees. When you do land don’t forget to use your hand to push yourself into a running position. Remember speed is key.

Third move- Proper roll. Okay is one of the must important moves to Parkour. To start a, start form the ground, on carpet or grass. Keep low to the ground, and you go in for the roll, you want to kind of dive into it. As you go down plant your hands, depending if your righty, or lefty. Then as you roll off your hands, tuck your head into your body, then roll of the side of your back. DO NOT ROLL OF YOU HEAD, OR STRAIGHT OF YOUR BACK. Doing this can lead to serious or permeant injury. Also start SMALL

Kong/ Monkey, The kong is like a vault except that you use two hands and you feet go into the middle like how a monkey runs now a monkey vault is like a kong except your running and you keep the momentum and you jump and swing your legs though your your hand unlike a kong vault which you just stay.

Tic Tac- A Tic Tac, is just like its name. It meant to clear an obstacle that close to a wall, using the wall. You take a running start jump towards the wall, then jump towards the wall with your weak foot, then push off with your strong one. Thats a Tic Tac, because you touched the wall twice.

Tic- Now you don’t have to this, you can use your strong foot and push off. This works and low object but sometimes you need a Tic Tac, to get that extra distance, so be smart about it.

Advice for Parkour.

When starting parkour, start small, don’t go for the biggest jump. or the deepest drop. Now your limits. Try starting with a partner, it make it fun and safer. Remember, you’re going to fall hurt yourself, I know I have countless times. When you do fall ask yourself why and fix it. Don’t cry about it then quit, this sport is awesome. It easy to start and requires only shoes, thats it.


1. List out possible
2. Narrow to one

1. Choose topic
2. Complete topic
question sheet

1. Complete format
table in wiki
2. Choose best

Make a Plan for filming
Make a plan for Filming

How is the planning of the film going?
-Mr. Kane (6/27)









Research (Sources)


Collaboration - This is where students should give you feedback. You also must comment of 4 people's project each week.

Sentence Starter Ideas:
    • I was impressed by your... because...
    • You are really good at...
    • I noticed that...
    • You might want to work on... because...
    • Tomorrow, you should try... because...

  1. Strengths - what is he/she doing well?
  2. Improveables - what does he/she need to improve?

Comment Topic Ideas:
Collaboration, Awareness, Respectful, Organization, leadership, creativity, on-task, Learner Profile Traits, etc.


We watched a video of a boy named Caine. Caine explored his own imagination,
Inventing his own ideas within himself, then making them come to life. Making
many arcade games to share with people. I don't think anything really movtivated him except himself
and the fun of sharing. If I were to be like Caine, I would have to motivate my self.
But unlike Caine who used the power of sharing to express himself, I want to use the power of freedom
Date: 6/19/12
Today went so much faster then yesterday.It was also much more enjoyable,
from the lessons, games, and deciding on we are going to explore.
The games were my favorite, the basketball in the morning and the Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marine.
Date: 6-20-12
Today in L.E.A.P, we needed to make our explore topics precise. For my topic I narrowed it down to basics of parkour.
To present my topic, I want to make an imovie, so it would present it self as a training video. Also we had to talk about two IB profile,
Open-Minded, and Risk-Taker. We had to make our own defention, and choose one we thought was more important then the other. In conclusion
today was priceless

Today in L.E.A.P, we learned what it means to an Inquirers and communicators, both very useful skills.
Also in out pods we had to build, a strong tower, and a tall tower. I choose the strong tower,
because I thought it would be easier to make, but sadly I was very mistaken. Our team for the strongest was disqualified,.
We failed to build out tower six inches
For,our pods we had to be communicators, and inquirers, in the game we played. Some of us were blindfolded, and others weren't.
The ones who weren't blindfolded were suppose to communicate with blindfoled ones, to help find a ball to throw at another person. Those who were blindfolded,
were meant to be inquirers to ask were to go, and when to throw.
For our team building exercise we play CTF or Capture the Flag. We had to communicate, and make plans for attack and defend.
The winner was determined, by the plan and the of the plan was executed. That was the deciding factor of who won.
Today in L.E.A.P we played kickball, boys vs girls. Sadly the boys lost.
If I had to choose between, Balanced,Principled or Thinker, I would be a Balanced person.
Most of the time I know whats the most important thing to do, and I usually do it.
Dear Confused, I have advice for you. From where I see it you have 3 choices. You can dump your boyfriend and find a new one.
Or you can see if you're doing anything wrong, and if you are fix that. Also if you do this, talk to your boyfriend about what he's doing wrong, and work on your mistakes together.
Lastly you can, you can be blunt with him.Tell him he needs to change, and if he doesn't you're going to break up with him. If he values your relationship,and wants it to work, he's going to change.
Also, these are the choices, I found to be the best, if none work for you, I'm sure if you ask around you'll find the answer.
- Femi
Today, for exploration, Aaron and I, went to Earle Brown to finish filming. Then we came back to edited what we filmed.
We even added some parts of videos, from Youtube. Now tomorrow were going to finish editing, and possible add more videos.
Today, for exploration, Aaron and I, finished editing out Imoive. We put more videos for the ending, and made credits.
Tomorrow we have to finish our Final Statements, and Bibliography. And there's one think think about Parkour. Why call it Parkour?
shoutout.jpgShout out from M Kane for your work on the iMovie! (7/11)
1.My topic is Le Parkour, and my topic question is, how do I use my knowledge and skill of Parkour or teach people the basics.
2. All I will need is a computer.
3. Aaron and I will present to a whole group.
4. Finish up, editing and get feedback.
For exploration Aaron and I, finished editing, and got feedback from most of the teachers.
For math, we had to solve eight puzzles, using logic and math.
For tomorrow I have to finish my finale statement, and also come up with an opening for my project. Before I show my Imoive.