cHey Kevin: Nice job on your wiki page! I like how you have added some quotes along with your poem and images. Nice work with your reflections, too. Keep it up! -Mr. Wilson

I am a dedicated worker
I wonder what its like on the moon

I see ghosts
I want to be able to dunk.
I am a dedicated worker

I pretend to sing
I feel a invisible force
I touch air
I worry when I don't do good on a test
I cry when I don't succeed
I am a dedicated worker

I understand I have to work hard
I say You only lose once you quit
I dream being in the NBA
I try to get all A's
I hope I become a lawyer
I am a dedicated worker



I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.
-Michael Jordan

Even when I'm old and grey, I won't be able to play it, but I'll still love the game.

- Michael Jordan

SIX-word Memoir: Never give up without a fight.

ACCELERATION: Math and Reading

Math Goal:

Reflections: 6/19/12-we worked on a worksheet. I saw the pattern of each number being multiplied by itself. Which are called perfect squares.
6/20/12- Don't land on 20,10,5,2 because all these numbers lead to 1 with the pattern of Odd- times 3 add 1. Even- Divide by 2.
6/21/12- We worked on Mr. Eggers triangle and try to crack the code. I found symmetrical patterns.
6/25/12- We worked on a sheet and we had to find integrals. The highest integrals found was 226.
6/26/12- Today in math we learned about the golden boy and we measured our wing span,height,ears,face and our feet.
6/27/12-Did you have any Golden Ratios? I had height to hang and height to face.

* Using the graph, what did our line represent? It represented the golden ratio. What does it mean if your point landed on the line? It meant you had a golden ratio.

* If each measurement is suppose to be golden, why are some people's numbers above/below it? The reason is because they still have to grow.

* When creating the most amount of shapes, what shape was used the most often? Why is that? We used triangle the most often. We used it the most because it has the lowest amount of sides which gives us more space to fit more triangles.

Reading Goal

Reflections: 6/19/12- The kind of writer I am is a writer who explains things because thats what I do when I write.

6/20/12- I finished my brainstorming sheet. I put my notes on to the wiki.
6/21/12- We clean read the article on basketball moves. Then, we read it again and marked the text. Next, we picked a paragraph we didn't fully understand.
6-25-12- We looked for a article about our topic for exploration. Then, we had to print it.
6/27: How many articles have you found? Have you found that the information you read is relevant to your topic? What can the LEAP staff do to help you in your research?
I have found 1 article,but I have 3 sources already. Yes, it is relevant to my topic. Leap staff can help me by letting me borrow a camera to record my videos and then upload them to imovie.

7/9: Is your outline complete? If yes, what are you next steps in creating your project? If not, what are you going to do tonight at home OR tomorrow in the morning during LEAP to be sure it is complete?

7/10: How will the LEAP checklist help you in the creation of your project? Are you planning on trying to receive a "3" on your rubric? If so, how are you going to be sure that you receive a "3"?

7/11: Today you created "To Do" Lists. Please write on your wiki your "To Do" list so you have it available to you for the remainder of the week. Remember that the list is add and delete items as you work.

7/12: Explain what you did during Ms. Jones's session today. Write 3-5 sentences summarizing what you did.

7/17: Explain how the peer editing you did in the session today helped you with the completion of your project. In other words, how did your partner help you?
The peer editing helped me realize what I had to change in my video.

7/18: Tomorrow is the day you present the work you have been doing over the last four weeks. What are you most excited about? What are you most nervous/anxious about?
I'm excited that I get to show what I've been working on. Im nervous about presenting because I don't like standing in front of a group.


Lexile: 720
Book: The Lost Boy

Reflections: 6/20/12 Lost boy- I want to read this book because I've already read a child called it. Second book I want to read is outsiders because I heard it was good. Third choice is the maze runner because I was interested once I started reading.

New Words
Thursday, June 21st
Today, I read pages 1 to 26 . In this section of the book, I was introduced to some new characters. The characters were Dave, his mom,dad,Ron,stan and mark._ . So far, I can predict that this book is going to be about . Dave's mom abusing him and dave finally leaving the house and into a foster home., , second, _, and finally, _ . After reading this book for one day I am excited because I know it's gonna be a good book._.
1. I predict that he will escape his abusive home.

2. I wonder what will happen when he is an adult._

Monday, June 25th
I read pages 26 through 54 today.In this section, david gets saved from his mother and is taken into a foster home.After reading this book, I think his life has changed for the better.
1. I predict his mother will go to jail.

2. I wonder what will happen in the foster home.

Tuesday, June 26th
Today, I read pages 54 to 80. . . . One problem (conflict) that is happening in my book is David Pelzer has to go to court to decide whether he goes back to live with his abusive mother or becomes a permanent ward of the court.

Wednesday, June 27th
Today, I read pages 80 to 97. As I read I found that problem was resolved that Dave no longer had to live with his mother. One problem that is happening in my book is Dave has now moved into the Catanze family and one of the foster kids Larry, is teasing David.
1.I predict that he will be moved into a different foster home later in the book.

Thursday, June 28th
Today, I read pages 97 to 117. . . . As I read I found that problem was resolved when Dave saved money to fix his bike.One problem (conflict) that is happening in my book is Dave and Chris are getting picked on by Larry Jr. One interesting thing that has happened in my book so far is Dave has made friends with Big Larry.
Something new I learned about the character/characters is Chris, one of Dave's foster brothers has cerebral palsy.

Monday, July 9th

Tuesday, July 10th

Wednesday, July 11th

Thursday, July 12th
Today, I read pages 105 to 140. As I read I found that problem was resolved (fixed) when . . .
One problem (conflict) that is happening in my book is David and Big Larry went down the street where his mother lives.

Something new I learned about the character/characters is Rudy is lillian's husband.
I predict David will move to a different foster home.

Monday, July 16th
Today, I read pages 140 to 165.
- Today, I read pages . . . One problem (conflict) that is happening in my book is David is getting into more trouble than usual.
I predict David will stop his bad behavior.

Tuesday, July 17th

Wednesday, July 18th


Brainstorming: Express and reflect: Good sportsmanship,friends. Inform and Explain: Teaching people the basics. Inquire and Explore: How to dribble? How to shoot? EVALUATE AND JUDGE- GOOD FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO PRACTICE BASIC BASKETBALL SKILLS. ANALYZE AND INTERPRET- DEMONSTRATE AND TELL HOW TO DO THESE BASIC SKILLS. TAKE A STAND/PURPOSE A SOLUTION- GET PEOPLE TO ENJOY BASKETBALL. Question: How do I use my Basketball skills to teach others?

Topic/goal:Basketball Tutorials

Format: For each format choice, write a sentence or two explaining how you could use that format for your project. Then, rate your choice from 1-10 (1 being your favorite, 10 being your least favorite).


1. List out possible
2. Narrow to one

1. Choose topic
2. Complete topic
question sheet

1. Complete format
table in wiki
2. Choose best










How it would work for you
Essay (Example)
Instead of speech I could type reasons for enjoying basketball.
I could use keynote to try to persuade others to enjoy basketball the way I do.
This would really work because then I can show my basketball tutorials.
(Radio broadcast)
Wouldn't work.
Live presentation/
I might also do this so I can show them exactly how to do it in case if they still need help.
This would work with the videos.

This wouldn't work.
wouldn't work.

The iMovie sounds like a great way to do your project. What have you been learning from the YouTube tutorials so far? -Mr. Kane
Check out some of these stories for good analysis of basketball plays. -Mr. Kane (6/26)

What will make your project a success?

To - Do list:

Research (Sources)



citation :
silverman, steve. "Basketball drills & tutorials." 13 4 2010: n. page. Print. <>.

. "Dribbling." N.p., n.d. Web. 2010. <>.

Wissel , Hal . "Basketball Shooting ." . N.p., n.d. Web. 2009. <>.

Collaboration - This is where students should give you feedback. You also must comment of 4 people's project each week.

Sentence Starter Ideas:

    • I was impressed by your... because...
    • You are really good at...
    • I noticed that...
    • You might want to work on... because...
    • Tomorrow, you should try... because...

  1. Strengths - what is he/she doing well?
  2. Improveables - what does he/she need to improve?

Comment Topic Ideas:
Collaboration, Awareness, Respectful, Organization, leadership, creativity, on-task, Learner Profile Traits, etc.


Date: 6/18/12 - Caine explored his interests and what he likes to do and made his own arcade. He was motivated by wanting a customer. I will work hard at an idea and be dedicated to make it happen. My passion is basketball.

Date: 6/19/12- I appreciate the Leap experts because they are helping me learn during the summer. We also started brainstorming for our projects. My project is on Basketball tutorials.

Date:6/20/12- I started looking up tutorials on youtube to learn how to make my own basketball tutorials.

Date: 6/21/12- We are continuing our explore projects. We went to the four stations today.

This week I showed that I was OPEN-MINDED when I accepted everyone's ideas.

One way that I could be MORE OPEN-MINDED in the future would be to listen to everybody.

This week I showed that I was a RISK-TAKER when I did the skit with a group because Im'm usually shy in front of an audience.
The skits were awesome, and pretty hilarious! -Mr. Kane
One way that I could be MORE OF A RISK-TAKER in the future would be to participate more.

6-25-12- We got into our pods and went to the 3 sections. Which include math,reading and reading for pleasure. I read pages from 26 to 54. We worked on our exploration projects.
A communicator is able to listen and communicate. Inquirer is to ask questions your curious about.
Describe some challenges you faced during the Blindfolded Dodgeball activity.I couldn't see which makes it harder to tell where the opponent is at. Talk about how COMMUNICATION and INQUIRING was an important part of the activity and what happened when you didn't have those things. Communication and inquirer were a major part of the game because I had to rely on that to find out where the opponent was at.

Why is effective COMMUNICATION so important to being successful in life? It is important because good communication makes you look more professional which increases job employment. What are some ways that a student can create success for themselves by COMMUNICATING well? A student create success by using good communication skills to be able to talk to others in class.

We have now reached the halfway point of the LEAP program. How have you grown so far? I have grown to like autonomy because it gives me more freedom. What goals do you have for the second half of the program? My goals are to start recording my videos and have my presentation ready.How will you continue to learn and work toward finishing your Exploration Project over the week-long break? I will continue thinking about my project and brainstorm ideas of how to format my presentation.

1. Define: Balanced, Principled and Thinker in your OWN WORDS.
Balanced : To have more than one interest that isn't around the same topic. Principled : To be honest in everything you do. Thinker: To be curious and put a lot of thought into something.
2. Which word above describes you the most? How do the other words play a role in your life?
Balanced describes me the best because I do well in school and play sports.
3. Catch-up on wiki work.

Balanced: To be balanced is to have variety like do homework, but also play sports.
Principled: The practice or use of integrity to show consistent actions towards right and wrong.
Thinker: Someone who is curious and thinks about problems.

Balanced describes me the most because I do well in school, but I also play sports.
I am also a thinker because I like to solve problems in the classroom and out. Lastly, I am principled because I am honest when playing basketball and having good sportsmanship.

Dear Mike,
I hear you have trouble in school because of friends. My honest opinion is you should not care what your "friends" think because true friends support you no matter what you do. School always comes first so focus on school and play sports later.

Responses should include: A restatement of the problem, your solution, and a reason why your solution is a good one.
Responses should include :Dear ashley I read your letter I think you so keep doing acting becouse you could be a famis actor when you are bigger. and you should keep pacticing the things that you want to do.
from jonathan


3 things I did today were...
2 things I need to do tomorrow...
1 question I have is...


Respond to ONE of the following prompts in a well-developed paragraph:

1. What does it mean to have BALANCE in your life? Describe THREE things that you can do to make sure that you are prioritizing different aspects of your life (how do you decide what's important?).

A- To be balanced you have to focus on multiple things not just one. You can get involved in a school sport. To decide what things you should focus on think about whats important to you.

2. Name at least TWO values that you have that make you a PRINCIPLED person (honesty, loyalty, hard work, trustworthiness, dependability, etc.) and explain how you show those values in your everyday life.

I show honesty when we play basketball by having good sportsmanship. I am also a hard worker because I believe in doing everything 100% never halfway or else its not worth doing.

1. What is your topic and research question?
My topic is basketball tutorials and drills. My question is "How to use my skills to teach others?

2. What technologies will you need to present? I will be presenting my imovie.
3. Will be speaking infront of the entire group or at a station? I don't know yet.
4. What do you need to do tomorrow? I need to keep putting my video together.

3 things I did today were record clips for my imovie, i went to my 3 stations, and continue to add things to my imovie.
2 things I need to do tomorrow record a couple more things and finish my video.
1 question I have is how are the presentations organized for thursday?

This week's Learner Profile terms are REFLECTIVE and KNOWLEDGEABLE. Put the definitions for these terms in YOUR OWN WORDS.

1. REFLECTIVE students give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and experience. They are able to assess and understand their strengths and limitations in order to support their learning and personal development.

Your Words: To reflect is to be able to look back and determine whether your choices in the past where smart and have a second thought about them.

2. KNOWLEDGEABLE students explore concepts, ideas and issues that have local and global significance. In so doing, they acquire in-depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines.

Your Words: To be knowledgeable you have to have intelligence about more than one subject.

REFLECT on your experience at LEAP this year and respond to ALL of the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES:

1. What was your biggest accomplishment during LEAP? My biggest accomplishment was finishing my exploration project.

2. What was the most difficult part of LEAP for you this year and WHY? The most difficult part was waking up early.

3. What was the most interesting thing that you LEARNED in LEAP? The most interesting thing I learned is that people get more done when we have autonomy.

4. What was one thing you learned about yourself as a person (values, beliefs, habits, etc.)? I learned that I can finish anything if I believe in myself.

5. If you could go back in time and do your EXPLORATION project over again, what would you do differently and WHY? I wouldn't do anything differently.

Learning Targets
Week 1: Numbers and Operations
I. Factors: Students will solve out and explain the Open Locker Prank
* How did you know when to open or close a locker? Which locker was open/closed the most often? We followed a pattern.

II. Integer Operations: Students will attempt to find a solution to a $1,000,000 math problem
* Why did all numbers eventually end at 1? Do you think there is a number that will never land on 1?

III. Pascal's Triangle: Students will find the missing values and identify patterns in Pascal's and Eggers' Triangles
* What types of patterns did you come across while completing Pascal's Triangle?

Week 2: Measurements and Geometry
I. Weighing Jewels: Students will find the weight of several jewels whose values can create a series of integral weights.
* Why was it difficult to create the number nine/nineteen? In all the problems, what jewel number was used every time?

II. Measuring Golden Ratios: Students will find DaVinci's Golden Ratios by measuring various body parts and comparing the proportions.

* Did you have any Golden Ratios? Name Them.

* Using the graph, what did our line represent? What does it mean if your point landed on the line?

* If each measurement is suppose to be golden, why are some people's numbers above/below it?

III. Measuring Points: Students will use divergent thinking to find segments, shapes, and angles using scattered points.

* When creating the most amount of shapes, what shape was used the most often? Why is that?

Week 3: Data Analysis & Probability

I. What are my odds: Students will create a BINGO card using combinations of a coin and set of dice being tossed.

* When rolling a set of dice, what three numbers will come up the most often? What is the least amount of turns it will take for someone to win

BINGO based on the odds?

II. Deal or No Deal: Students will calculate the odds in Deal or No Deal to determine if they should leave happy or pursue more money.

* What strategy was used to determine when we should stop or continue through more suitcases?

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