We got into our group. Made a new idea. and finished assignments 4 and 5.
we need to do our interviews and start our problem

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Banks, Aaron

bchs-myp-tech/Banks, Aaron|Vocab for 1/25/12
Innovation: making life easier
Culture: The beliefs of a group of people
Norms: unwritten rules of society
human ingenuity: ideas that change society
I want to know more about Human ingenuity because I don't understand what it is

Innovation is moving forward from the technology and ideas that are already there. Like google we already had the internet and then somebody had the idea of a search engine that brings up a number of different websites. Culture is
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SEMESTER 2: How do we make culture stick?

INVESTIGATION: Under this tab you should journal...
Project Goal:

Introduction Summary
Culture are the things we do on a daily basis that define who WE are as a group and what we want to accomplish as a group. For example, Apple Company uses secrecy to define how they act as a culture and business. Innovation is creating ideas and acting on them to make things better. For example, the Ipad was an idea that became a new technology that some people use to make things better.

What are key aspects to APPLE's culture?
• cool
• interesting

What are key aspects to GOOGLE's culture?
• Freedom
• atonomy
• productive

What are key aspects to ZAPPOS' culture?
• Weird and fun
•Acts of kindness

What are key aspects to OUR CLASSES culture?

  1. What you will accomplish for this Project - Your goals
  2. Why you chose those topics/goals - Final Topic sentence stating WHY.
  3. You may choose either to picture post your triangle or to type it.

Sources of information:

  1. What types of sources did you use?
  2. What information do you need to write down to tell us about the source?
  3. Record at lease 3-5 important pieces of information from each source.
  4. You may choose either to picture post your sources or to type them.

SUCCES(s) Model:

  1. Show how you will use the SUCCES(s) model in your project.
  2. You may choose either to picture post your model or to type it.

  1. Describe the steps you will take to achieve your goal.
  2. You may create a checklist or a to-do list.
  3. You may choose either to picture post your SPECS or to type them.

Each day you must write a 3-2-1 with the date and complete sentences.

3 - I learned three things I need to remember today. First, I found out that culture is created. Second, I learned that Apple using secrecy as a key to creating their culture and lastly, I learned that to keep a culture going each member of the culture must have a role. At Apple each employee has a specific role like in the army.

2 - Two things I need to do next class are find at lease five keys to Google, five keys to Zappos and find out five aspects of my culture.

1- One question I have is what are we going to do with this information?


MEETINGS with Mr. Fraser, other Teachers, and/or other Students....
Date of meeting: / / /Who did you meet with:What happened during the meeting:

Next steps:

For my finals I did many tasks. In info tech I did all 6 of them. I am on the typing game now.
2.My role in the 1st news cast for BCHS News was the reality show producer. I enjoyed this role very much because it was you, a camera and a world full of free footage that could on any day help you in your project. For the next project I want to be a lead anchor. I think this job looks... interesting. I saw what they do and all the camera effects and it looks really cool.In conclusion
6. I would have done my project differently as in a different order. I don't like how I did the order of the footage I took. I also would've added more footage so that the viewer gets better information. This wouldmean it would be more emotional. In conclusion I would like to go back and re-edit some of my project.
Check out the video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8OAdBqA8Oo&safety_mode=true&persist_safety_mode=1&safe=active

Aaron Banks Semester 2

I enjoyed being a reality t.v. show producer and I really liked the lead anchor spot AssignmentsScore of 2
11/17/11- 321 11/23/11 321 3. I finally finished the 2-story planning, Started the next

3 I started redoing my sources.Deleted My old sources1 Did the new poll2 Upload my Sources againUpload the succes model1 None Tasks for today:

  1. Watch the Learn it in 5 videos for the learning target you need to accomplish
  2. Finish your sources - watch the authentic and triangulation videos for help.
  3. Picture-post the sources worksheet to you wiki
  4. Begin the SUCCES(s) model if you have time - watch the Succes(s) video for help.



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